Miss Gupta offers surgery for a wide range of general and colorectal conditions, including cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and diverticular disease. She also operates on fistulas and haemorrhoids, as well as offering hernia repair and gallbladder surgery.

Before you have surgery, Miss Gupta will explain what the procedure will involve, its benefits and any potential risks, as well as any alternative treatment options which you might wish to consider. You will be able to ask any questions you may have before coming to a joint decision about which is the safest and most appropriate procedure for you.

You will then be invited to a pre-assessment at the Oaks Hospital where a nurse will talk to you about what to expect, before organising any tests you may need.

On the day of your operation, you will be asked to come to the ambulatory unit at the Oaks, where you will meet the team who will be working alongside Miss Gupta to provide your care. Any further tests will then be carried out and Miss Gupta will come to see you to answer any final questions you may have.

After your operation, Miss Gupta will check that you are making a good recovery and arrange a date for a follow up appointment before you go home.